Know Your Rights Constitution w/ D’Angelo Fletcher (video)

Virginia Beach City Workers: Know Your Rights video, Part 1: Constitutional rights that protect your ability to unionize. This video, narrated by Highways/Stormwater worker, D’Angelo Fletcher, highlights how the US and the Virginia State Constitution protects your rights to organize and participate in a union.

Virginia Beach City Workers Deliver Petition & Speak at City Council, 11-17-2020 (video)

Virginia Beach city workers have been organizing for 3 months, since the work stoppage of Waste Management workers. Now a majority of workers in Public Works and Public Utilities, along with supporters in Parks & Rec, Human Services and the Libraries have signed a petition demanding a new wage structure, 10% hazard pay and fairness from management.

On Tuesday, November 17 over 50 city workers attended the city council meeting to deliver their petition to City Manager Patrick Duhaney, requesting a meeting with him to discuss their concerns. City workers speakers included Dwayne Arthur, Maintenance Worker, Public Works, Mosquito Control, Stanley “Butch” Nicholson, Utility Mechanic Aide, Public Utilities, Sewer Collection and Jason Smith, Custodial Worker 1, Public Works.