Union Endorsed City Council Candidates WIN Election, Setting Path for Collective Bargaining

Virginia Beach city workers are on a road map to making history !!!!!

Members of the Virginia Beach City Workers Union, UE Local 111 put in hard work during the past few months, volunteering to work the polling sites, distributing yard signs and speaking at churches in support of endorsed city council candidates. In the end it was a major VICTORY for city workers as we move closer to a Collective Bargaining REALITY. 

With the victory of the four candidates we endorsed – Jennifer Rouse, Worth Remick, Joash Schulman and Amelia Hammond – we now have secured the SIX SEAT MAJORITY ON CITY COUNCIL to pass a resolution and ordinance for Collective Bargaining (including incumbents Sabrina Wooten and Michael Berlucchi). 

Help Make History – SIGN A UNION CARD TODAY!

In order to change Virginia Beach Jim Crow laws you have to educate yourself and engage in the political process and build relationships with city council members who will support Collective Bargaining for city workers. It is a new day in Virginia Beach because workers have a majority of city council who will support Collective Bargaining and WE will continue to fight for the changes city workers need!” 

—Terry Green, Water Distribution, Utilities Chair,  VB City Workers Union UE Local 111

“Virginia Beach city workers are worth my time going out all day to support at the polls because anyone who cares about my rights, as a city worker and supports Collective Bargaining for all city workers is worth my Vote and support. City workers have to stand together in this hour because history is writing itself as we push for collective bargaining. Be the change you are Looking forward to joining this worker-run union TODAY!!!”

Patricia Thebert, Behavioral Specialist, Human Services department