STRIKE AUTHORIZATION: What does it mean?

On November 26th, UE 228 members held an emergency meeting to discuss the slow progress in contract negotiations with LDRM. The company has continued to maintain that a new union contract must be finalized by November 30th. If not, LDRM states that it will not negotiate wage increases to take effect until after 2023.

In response to this unreasonable demand, UE 228 members voted almost unanimously (99% YES) to authorize the 228 Bargaining Committee to declare a strike. What does this mean?

  • You have a legally-protected right to withhold your labor
  • No work stoppage would occur any sooner than March 1, 2023 following expiration of our union contract on February 28th
  • The Bargaining Committee would call for a strike only if necessary due to failure of LDRM to bargain in good faith over all mandatory subjects. If LDRM refuses to negotiate over wages after November 30th, that would be a condition where a work stoppage might be declared.
  • There would be several meetings and additional planning prior to the commencement of any work stoppage
  • We know there is still a path to a fair contract but LDRM must know that all options are very much on the table!

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