UE 228 is the local of the National Visa Center workers, and part of UE’s Service Contract Act (SCA) locals. We organized with the UE in 2016. Since that time, members of UE 228 have fought for and won average wage increases of nearly 7% per year. We’ve increased our Health & Welfare earnings at the same rate, keeping us at least $1.50/hr ahead of the national average. In partnership with our sister location, UE 728, the Kentucky Consular Center, in 2022 we negotiated for more affordable insurance coverage and were even able to design the plans ourselves to meet the needs of different members.

As with any UE local, our stewards are our first line of defense, and work diligently to defend members’ rights. UE’s Rank and File unionism ensures that the members run the union. This means that the members at the local, not someone in an office, run the union’s affairs.