Welcome to UE 228’s Website

Welcome Brothers, Sisters, and Siblings we’re glad you made it here. We are hoping to be able to better serve all of our members at UE 228 by sharing information here. Below is a quick rundown of the site and what each page is for.

The home page will show all posts, newest first.

The Executive Board and Stewards page has pictures of us along with contact info.

Our About page gives a brief history of some of our local and organizing wins.

Contact Us is where to go if you have an issue, want to report a problem, want to give us accolades, or if you want to learn how you can help by completing the form. You can also report problems with this website, and find the local’s mailing and physical address.

The National UE Website has a plethora of information about being in a union. There are also links to other UE local’s websites, sign up for UE News Email edition, and UE News Archives. Did you know that Labor Notes, a leading labor training organization, uses many of the same training techniques that were developed for the UE? It’s true, and other unions have asked for our steward handbooks because the information is that invaluable!

On the right side of the page under Resources you’ll find the Inclement Weather Calendar, which be updated when bad weather occurs. Also under Resources is the current CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) 2020 – 2023, the Current Seniority Roster (Password Protected), and Officers Positions and responsibilities which outlines what the Executive Board does.
UE 228’s Event Calendar, which lists all upcoming Meetings and events.