UE Local Officers Positions and Responsibilities

UE Local Officers run the local as directed by the members. The term for an elected office in UE is one year. These short terms are part of UE’s approach to democratic unionism: elected leaders are held responsible to the membership through frequent elections.

The official duties of UE Local 228’s elected officers will be specified in the local constitution. The following are typical descriptions of the duties allocated to each local officer.

Executive Board Members

The executive board provides leadership in building and maintaining a strong, effective union. Its members ensure the local’s everyday business is tended to and respond to urgent situations when called upon. The executive board will meet at least once a month to address union business and make recommendations to the members.


  • Presides over all membership and executive board meetings
  • Preserves and enforces the local’s constitution and by-laws
  • Serves on the Negotiating Committee
  • Appoints—with membership approval—the members of all special committees
  • Acts as an ex-officio member of all committees, but voting only to break a tie
  • Represents the local as a delegate to Regional Councils and National Conventions
  • Is at all times responsible to the executive board

Vice President

  • Assists the president in the performance of all duties
  • Carries out the duties of the president in her/his absence

Recording Secretary

  • Keeps minutes of all membership and executive board meetings
  • Handles the local’s official correspondence
  • Maintains the membership lists and other official records

Financial Secretary-Treasurer

  • Receives, issues receipts for, and accounts for all money paid to the local
  • Pays bills and purchases supplies as authorized by the local
  • Furnishes a monthly financial report to the local, regional, and national unions

Chief Stewards (one per Shift)

  • Hold “stewards councils” with local stewards to discuss grievances and provide training
  • Report to the members on steward actions and contract enforcement issues
  • Assist in resolving grievances not settled by department stewards
  • Serve on the Negotiating Committee
  • Conduct elections for department stewards
  • Act as “lead organizers” working with stewards to build an informed and involved membership


  • Ensures only members in good standing attend closed meetings
  • Helps to maintain order at membership meetings


  • Serves as a liaison between the executive board and the membership
  • Takes on other duties or special projects as determined by the executive board


Trustees periodically examine the local’s finances. They act as watchdogs on financial practices and spending as well as caretakers of the union’s property. Since they must be able to carry out their oversight duties in an independent manner, they are not members of the executive board and should not be members of any financial committees.

Duties of Trustees (three)

  • Manage and safeguard all property of the local
  • Examine and audit the Financial Secretary-Treasurer’s books and records each quarter and report the results at the following membership meeting.

Constitution Committee

The constitution committee is a special committee, meaning that it will be dissolved once its purpose is fulfilled. The committee members will work with our UE Field Organizer to draft Local 228’s Constitution and Bylaws. The constitution determines the union’s structure and its rules of operation. In UE, a local constitution reflects the principles of rank-and-file unionism by providing checks on the authority of elected leadership and requiring membership guidance and approval before making major decisions.

Election Committee

The election committee is a special committee responsible for protecting the right of UE members to participate in fair and democratic elections. It is made up of members who are not running for office.