UE 228 Members SPEAK OUT!

Selina Clark, Written Correspondence

I’m supporting this contract.  As being the only one working in my home, working OT just to carry home finances and a husband who is on SS and doesn’t make much, I’m worried about this winter and oil, and the rise in utilities.  I will need to work more OT which is unacceptable.

Ed Martin, Telephone Inquiry
UE 228 Negotiating Committee

I’m fighting for this contract to be paid fairly and to be treated like an adult–not a child. We deserve respect!

Carol Walker, SCAN

We deserve a living wage! We are dependable and hardworking. With the cost of living going up this contract is very important to all of us!

Tony D’Iorio, SCAN

We perform many different complex functions with inadequate manuals. We attempt to be quality producers to bring quality people to America. We deserve better.

Keith Correll, DR
UE 228 Negotiating Committee

We deserve a better contract after what we’ve been put through these past two, almost three years. Enough is enough. Our fight for a better contract isn’t just about closing loopholes they’ve abused, or getting better wages so we don’t have to work overtime just to get by: it’s about getting the respect we deserve.

Dave Kirby, SIV

I never thought that at my age I would need to have roommates just to get by. We do important work and deserve to be compensated accordingly.

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