Solidarity Days

One of labor’s most useful tools is floor actions. While we are prohibited from taking some actions (work stoppages) by the “No Strike, No Lockout” article of our contract, we are well within our rights to perform other job actions. Actions such as hanging cubicle signs, changing your Teams profile’s picture to the UE logo, doing informational pickets (which would be organized beforehand), and wearing UE gear.

We want to show the company that we all feel that these “production standards” are unfair and we know it. The best way to do that as a group is by performing floor actions, we start with signs, buttons, and shirt/ clothing days.

It is with this in mind that we would like to introduce LDRM to Red Alert Wednesdays, and Black Out Fridays. A simple idea to show solidarity and unity on the shop floor. Every Wednesday wear red to show our passion for the work we do, and our steadfast commitment to ensure quality. Wear black on Fridays to show the strength in our resolve that doing things right the first time turns out more quality work instead of just doing as many as you can.

Until Wednesday, June 23rd you be able to put in an order for a UE shirt of your choice. These shirts will be COD, so if you submit an order you will need to pay for the shirts when they arrive. You can order yours here.

You can find cubicle signs here.

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