Sick Time

It’s a new year and that means we all just got our sick time deposits as of the 1st, whether they show up on your timesheet website or not is a different matter.
According to our CBA and Executive Order 13706 employees receive sick time based on the “employee’s regularly scheduled workweek.” Proration is based on the following schedule:
0 – 3.99 0 hours of Sick Leave
4 – 11.99 11.2 hours of Sick Leave
12 – 19.99 22.4 hours of Sick Leave
20 – 27.99 33.6 hours of Sick Leave
28 – 35.99 44.8 hours of Sick Leave
36 + hours 56 hours

If you are part time, check to make sure that the sick time amount you receive is equal the corresponding amount above based on your regularly scheduled workweek.

According to Amanda Chisling, LWH HR Manager, who in an IM stated that employees “can go negative as we try an (sic) work through getting the time loaded there are some issues due to payroll runtime.”
So your time is available to use, please refer to the EO 13706 pointers sheet for usage, and restrictions concerning your sick time.

As always if you have issues please reach out here.

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