2021 Insurance

Members of the negotiating committee met with LDRM to discuss 2021 insurance on Friday evening. There will be no changes to the health insurance plans or rates. However we will be returning to VSP and Delta Dental networks.
The company mentioned that FCE is working on a web portal that will allow us to use one login to view our elections, break down of benefits paid out, and residual H&W.
Also thanks to KCC’s bargaining Zach is working with Steve Friedle (Akima Labor Management) to write a letter to both DOL, and the IRS to determine if waiving coverage is allowed and will not result tax penalties. This will not be a quick process, and we questioned whether we’d be able to waive the insurance after the fact. We received the noncommittal response of it being up to FCE/ Cigna.
We inquired as to why employees are being charged for the mandatory life insurance, and admin fee while on COVID leave. This seemed to surprise the project manager, Bill Yates, as well as the benefits administrator. We informed them that people with no benefits, no pay, and no H&W are being charged per pay period for the admin fee and asked what exactly was being administered. We will be following up on this to in an attempt to make sure anyone who was charge the admin fee while out on leave will either have it zeroed out, or reimbursed.

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